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Product Description

Are you buying radios for your family, team, or other group? Do you need local emergency frequencies or repeater settings programmed in your handheld? Are you an expert at chatting but hopeless at tinkering? We can help with that!

Our radio programming (“codeplugging”) services can be used on any of the radios we sell, or you can drop off or ship your own radios to us for programming. Using our time-tested “plug how you use” memory slot strategy, we will lay out your radio’s memory slots in a rational way that will help you “speed dial” the right frequencies whenever you need, whether your radio is a GMRS, MURS, or HAM handheld.

This package includes service for up to FOUR like-programmed radios (with variations within reason, such as transmit IDs or putting the user’s name into the power-on message for individual radios). We’ll also provide:

  • The programming file for your radios in its native format (for CHIRP or other programming application)
  • An Excel-format file of your radio’s programming for easier viewing and sharing
  • One paper printout per radio of the Excel-format file which can be stored with the radios for quick reference

Add up to four more radios with the same codeplug for only $25 more! Simply add one more service package to your cart to get this deal.

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